Apartment Buildings Vs. The Stock Market Scam

Apartment buildings are a superior investment compared to the stock market scam. Not only from the point of view from leverage, cash flow, return on capital, appreciation, tax write offs, but also in terms of once the building is paid off you could have a place to live for free and you will also have massive amounts of cash flow flooding into your bank account every month! In the stock market scam you give your hard earned cash to some crooks on Wall Street who tells you that stocks are for the long haul “Don’t Worry If The Stock’s Value Falls Today or Tomorrow” while they live like KINGS today! Hey con-artist, Great Scam Ripping off the hard working people of the World!

  • Tangible Asset Vs. Just Paper – Apartment buildings are a real seeable, touchable, asset. vs. instead of just owning a piece of paper.
  • Authentic Value Vs. False Value – With apartment buildings, value is always based on income vs. stocks where other people’s perception of value determines the stocks price.
  • You Increase Value Vs. Waiting for Someone Else – When you own an apartment building you can increase its value through many different methods vs. when you own a stock you are waiting for the company to increase everybody’s stock value. With millions of stock holders that may take quite a while to trickle down to you. Apartment Buildings allow you to decide how much and when to add value!
  • Genuine Math vs. Fuzzy Math – Actual math and money you can see, touch, and spend vs. off shore debt, fluffed up income, and misleading agents acting on self interest.
  • Sustained Worth Vs. Losing Everything – With apartment buildings you can sustain your worth through the income that the building generates vs. loosing everything in the stock market for example Enron, Global Crossings, Goldman Sachs, AGI, and many, many more to materialize. Sustain and amplify your net worth through Apartment Buildings!
  • Retirement Security Vs. Questionable Retirement – Your retirement will be protected and secure from the greedy crooks on Wall Street. You can have real spendable amounts of money each month vs. 65,000,000 million baby boomers trying to pull their “so called life savings and investments” out of the stock market over the next 25 years. Apartment Buildings will give you peace of mind and a place to visually see where your wealth is located!
  • Leverage Vs. Full Price – You can purchase any real estate for a fraction of its full cost vs. buying a stock you must spend your hard earned money paying full price at once. What happens if that stock goes down, or that company goes bankrupt? Anyone can distinguish that apartment buildings are significantly less risky than the stock market!

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